Thursday, March 10

After a 12 hour long day at work, I come home bare footed. Shoes are lost. Can't find them. Maybe the kids hid them. Couldn't ask. They were sleeping. Spent 15 minutes searching, but no luck. And after such a long day, I look forward to a 36 hour break away. I have all day tommorrow off to be productive and work on the business. Today on a 1 1/2 hour break I suffered through rush hour traffic to get to our closest Ikea to buy some cheap desk that will serve as an extension to my current set up. I'm lacking a good office space for this business work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

AY! I got your voicemail..but only heard 'impromptu bbq, bring ur own meat'...don't know when it is ..but if it is lifeguarding all day..tomorrow will most likely be 'today' once you read this.. .if its SUNDAY.hahah..i work from 12-7:30
ttyl! -------Melanie-----------

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