Thursday, March 17

"Is that why you became a chef? So people would like you?" - Chandler to Monica in Friends Episode entitled "The One With All The Candy". I laughed right out loud when he said it. But then I thought about it and it kind of applied to me. That just might be why I do the things I do. Speaking of... I'm hosting yet another free crepe night in conjunction with a Karoake Revolution night at Emilie's tomorrow. We are going bowling afterwards.

So last night I bless the Skarbek brothers with 2 dozen or so of my excellent Gorum cookies (spicy chocolate). Well, their mama must have raised them on bland food, because the Skarbek boys can't handle the spice. So how do I win over this household if not through food? I pay them off, of course! Actually, Dan taught me how to play poker on Monday so I played with them last night. And I lost, of course. But I'm okay with losing my money to the boys. It's better than casino gambling. I look at it like investing in your friends. Besides, sometimes I won. I just lost more than I won. The night also included making smores and lemonade. And watching a movie... I think it was called Cube Zero. It was trippy, but good.

I changed the name of my crepe business again. First it was crepes and coffee. Then it was Crepes a la Cart. Then it was Urban Crepe ( which is still actually my favorite). But now it looks like I'm going with Holy Crepe. I know it's a little cheesy and pretty dang hokey, but I feel compelled to go with it. I spent yesterday at Kelvyn's house designing my new logo which I'll post here soon (So check back). It's so nice to work on his graphics software versus creating junk in Windows Paint program or Powerpoint or Word. The lines are straighter and that makes all the difference to a perfectionist like myself.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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