Monday, March 21

Great Weekend... Starting with Friday night's Crepes and Karoake. It was an awesome night. Although we ditched the karoake for the tune deaf half of our group and decided on a game called Loaded Questions (10x more fun). It was hilarious. Common repeated answers sporadically thrown in for a good laugh... doug 8, land before time, and liz. They made me an answer for everything. And we did some taste testing with crepe batter. Buttermilk batter is winning. It was one long night of laughter. I got home and to bed about 11 :30. That's when my night of no sleep began. Starting with a 1am call from Scott begging me to join the KAK house crew at our corner all night eatery, Kook Lounge was still serving drinks when we got there. Then once back in bed at 2:30 I was awoken about an hour later by my radio turning itself on full blast. I had earlier presumed the batteries to be dead, but was apparently wrong. Then at 4am I recieve a drunken call from Sunstar in LA who wants to discuss his legal options regarding his pending lawsuit. I need to start turning the phone off when I go to bed.

Sunday I spent the whole day with the Skarbek boys.... church, card games and pizza, their parent's house for pancakes and bible study, and back to their house for more games. It was a really great time.

Looking Forward- If your a fan of Japenese culture or watch a lot of Cartoon Network, you'll understand. I bought tickets to Puffy AmiYumi. This is not P-Diddy's cousin. This is a Japanese Rock Duo and these girls are playing the Warfield next month. Haven't a clue who they are? Neither did I until they got their own life based cartoon and my kids happen to be hooked. I'm not bringing kids to concert though. I'm a fan on my own accord.


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