Sunday, March 21

I have been having some great days. Starting with Wednesday. I had the morning off, finally went to the doctor for that hideous cough that annoys everybody else, my baby started to crawl, MY BEST FRIEND GOT THE JOB HERE AND IS MOVING HOME!!!! I am so excited about this. I have our summer all planned out with trips and adventures. Thursday was good too because Zac miraculously got us tickets to the sold out Switchfoot concert at the filmore. Switchfoot is my very favorite band and I was seriously bumming when I found out it was sold out. I was kicking myself hard for not being all on top of it... and then Zac pops up with tix. God bless this guy and God bless his boss who gave us the tix. The concert was GREAT!!! They played some old stuff too which was great because I was worried they just do the new album. I accidentally bought a Switchfoot sweatshirt breaking my lent promise to God not to do any clothes shopping. The thing that tricked me up was that I was at a concert. I wasn't out "shopping". I didn't walk into a store. I didn't even realize what I had done until the next day. I've put the sweatshirt in my closet not to be worn until after Easter, even though I really want to wear it to church this morning. I've messed up on 2 of my 5 lent promises. The other one was no daytime television. I snuck a peek at the last 10 minutes of Days of our Lives. Did I mention that I am so excited Carrie is coming home. This may call for another party. We'll see. So Kitty these days now knows how to get over the fence and go visit the little old couple who live behind me, and the two little girls next door, and the killer dog who belongs to the Sherriff who lives two houses over. I have to get this cat neutered. It is suppose to lessen their roaming habits. All day long yesterday, I helped Polly dig up her grass which I am transplanting into my yard. So today I have to get a crew together to work my yard. And mysteriously my bathtub is not draining, so that also makes today a plumbing day. Well, I better get this day started cause there is a ton to do.


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