Sunday, March 21

My blessed exboyfriend Humaro spent all day today transplanting Polly's grass sod into my lawn. My mom broke my garage door and left. And I left the boy slaving away and headed to church, grocery store, H. Depot twice, and to visit my father. How was I such a lucky girl to get such a wonderful exboyfriend. And why exactly is he so nice to me? Because I'm not always that nice to him, so what is this boy's motivation to bend over backwards to help me... me, the girl who wasn't all that nice to him in the first place and then dropped him like a bowling ball. And at the end of the day, no kidding, the words... "Anytime, whenever you need help". I don't quite get his feelings of obligation, but he is certainly teaching me a lesson today on being more Christ like. Then it was movie night tonight. I watched Pirates of the Carribean with the skier crew from last weekend. I've got to go to bed. So tired... despite the lack of actual work that I did today.
... (singing) getting a new garage door, getting a new garage door...


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