Monday, March 15

Red Red Oh Me!
Went skiing yesterday with no sunscreen on. This morning I smear on green goop to tone down this redness. My ears did not do so good on the whole altitude transition. Tried all the tricks, steaming my ear, chewing gum, trying to yawn but no pops... just a the world in a softer quite version and my voice coming out really obnoxiously loud in my own head. I'm a bit better now but my ear still aching. Calves were in so much pain from this unfamiliar form of exercise that I quit half day. Experience makes me crave snowboarding where there is more comfortable boots and less equipment to carry.

Thursday night I went and hit up the private premier opening of GLO, a new club venture of Hugo's. I ran into the long lost Joey Lopes who is apparenly aiming for the Fabio look these days. But it was a good evening. Eliza, Davlyn, Christopher and friends joined me from SF even.


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