Tuesday, March 9

So much to tell you about the last week and a half. Soon I will find more time to actually write something here with literary value, but for now we'll just catch up to speed.
1. Seattle- boring. Helped Carrie move all weekend. That's it. Regardless of what changes may occur in her life, I will not be helping her move again for a 9 month minimum and especially if the move does not entail her moving home to Cali.
2. Hmph! I don't even recall what I did last week. Apparently nothing special, so I'll skip to this weekend. Friday night my mom had insanely bad gullstone attack. We all thought her gull bladder had burst and she was dying. She was doubled over in pain and between moans and groans was vommitting lime green bile. She spent all evening long in the ER waiting room and was seen 12 hours later. They gave her pain medication and an ultrasound and an appt with a specialist who was suppose to refer her for a surgical consult. But they didn't give the referrel. Instead they submit her case to a board that takes a few weeks to decide whether her case is urgent enough to operate on. Doesn't this seem all screwy... letting her just bath in pain and misery while they go through this long bureaucratic procedure!?! Ya keep her in your prayers.
3. Carrie was in town for the weekend. We relived Valentine's day minus pedicures and Willow Street Pizza. Saturday night we went to this new place I hadn't even heard of... Goosetown. I know dumb name, but I loved this place... it's a dive karoake bar in Willow Glen. So much fun. And then we went to the good old Almaden Britania Arms. I hate that place. There is no diversity in the crowd there. They are basically all pothead with loser jobs. There are very few exceptions. I'm embarrassed to be seen there. And someplace along the evening I managed to lose my cell phone.

There is so much more to tell you about, but I have this new goal of going to bed much earlier than my normal midnight. I need more sleep and maybe if I was more well rested, I would have more productive days and be able to pull myself out of bed earlier and have energy to leave my house at a decent time to avoid getting to work late, thus making my employer late to her job. So goodnight!


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