Wednesday, August 27

Lizapalooza of SVRG - 1st Home Bout This Saturday!

This Saturday, August 30, the Silicon Valley Roller Girls (SVRG) will host their first home bout against the Port City Roller Girls B-Team. The bout, appropriately named Hot August Fights, will be held at SVRGs home rink, San Jose Skate on Blossom Hill Road. Come witness the homecoming of womens flat track roller derby to the South Bay. All ages are welcome!

Doors open at 6pm. Bout begins at 7pm.
There will be Pabst Beer on tap, BBQ provided by SaddleRack, Car Exhibit, Raffle Prizes, Halftime Show, and much more!

Adult Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door.
Children 3 to 12 are $5 in advance, $7 at the door.
Chilren 2 and under are free.
V.I.P. tickets are $25 and include premier rink side seating and exclusive bout privledges.

Don your green and black and get ready for some good ol' fashion derby destruction!
Check out for more information!

Saturday, February 16

What's Up With Lizapalooza

If you haven't heard yet, I've taken up Roller Derby! I'm super proud of my team, the Silicon Valley Roller Girls. We are heading into our first official season and it is so exciting! I skate as Lizapalooza #217. Come out and support your local derby girl. Below this dandy article about us you will find a list of our upcoming bouts and some fundraisers too:
Click here to see a video explanation of the game of roller derby.
SVRG in The Almaden Resident
  • 2/20 Wed - Armadillo Willy's Fundraiser - Treat yourself to dinner out and donate to a good cause at the same time. Proceeds from sales on this evening directly benefit SVRG. 5 pm - 9pm, 878 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, CA
  • 3/1 Sat - Fundraiser Night @ The Quarter Note - 214 Apollo Way # 403, Sunnyvale, CA.

Bouting Schedule:
  • 3/15 - SVRG vs Santa Cruz Roller Girls Bout at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium *(1st bout of the season and the one to be at. All the rest are far.)
  • 5/17 - SVRG vs Smog City Roller Grrrls Bout at Fresno
  • 6/28 - SVRG vs Battle Born Derby Demons Bout at Reno
  • 8/23 - SVRG vs Sonoma County Roller Derby Bout at Sonoma
  • 9/20 - SVRG vs Bakersfield Roller Girls Bout at Bakersfield

Wednesday, October 31

Where I've Been

Alot of places. Here's what you've missed.

Work sent me to Los Cabos, Mexico for a familiarization trip with 5 other coworkers. 4 days, 2 flights, 18 hotels, 4 written reviews, and 1 night out on the town.
Cabo SunsetThe Famous ArchChris Hanging at the Gigglin MarlinMichael Me & David

A birthday trip for Nate to San Diego. We stayed in La Jolla, ate in Little Italy, went out in the gaslamp district, shopped at Horton Plaza, watched the air races down at the marina, and explored every inch of Balboa Park including the SD Zoo.

Coronado BeachSan Diego MarinaBalboa Park TowerHe's a Hottie

Gorum Family Reunion Weekend: My cousin sister Raylene came out to Cali from New York for the 1st time we've seen her since her moving back from London. This warrants her dad coming out from Reno and her grandma coming from Portland. Her mom recently moved here from San Diego. Throw me and my dad in the mix and you have enough Gorums (4 or more) to call a reunion. So we embark on Gorum family outing to Santa Cruz Wharf.

Gorum Reunion (10)Gorum Reunion (6)Gorum Reunion (26)Gorum Reunion (51)Gorum Reunion (11)

Soularize in Bahamas: like I needed this conference for an excuse. Ang & Rob were in tow to meet up with old friends and new with sun, sand, and spirituality. I also snuck in a little business time to view the new Cove at Atlantis.

Soularize Bahamas 2007 151Emergent Cutest CoupleAtlantis BeachSoularize Bahamas 2007 232

My 30th Birthday Trip to Puerto Vallarta & Yelapa: My Happy Reunion with Kendra & Enrique! We had fine dinners and massages and a plethora of fruity poolside drinks at the hotels in Puerto Vallarta. Thanksgiving/My Birthday we went to Enrique's hometown of Yelapa to partake in an appropriate feast combining 2 cultures. There was an overnight backpacking excursion to the waterfalls with net fishing included.

The Most Romantic Dinner EverIMG_1606Ready to GoAt Onegina 16Geared Up

The Holidays: Lani's Birthday Celebration ends at the tattoo parlor where I give her a present of permanency. The Ladies of Foxworthy gather for a holiday outing. NYE was split between a coworkers outdoor fiesta including firecrackers and a mellow house party with one of my oldest friends.

Lani's Birthday DinnerPuerto Vallarta 082Lani's Birthday TattooA Good LaughThe Ladies of Foxworthy HouseNYE 2007 003And then there were 4Victor Be Nimble, Victor be Quick...Longest Known Friend

Monday, July 23

Lizapalooza Evening with the Stars - Saturday, August 4th

For help with ideas... See Wikipedia!

Wednesday, July 18

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Monday - ugh! Late night baseball game that left me gimpafied. I pull both hamstrings. Yes both. And this is less than a week from Wharf to Wharf. I am recovering well though so I may be able to still run it.

Tuesday - What the heck did I do last night. I don't remember. Kendra's mom is in town. I guess I just helped Kendra go pick her up from the airport. And then lathered my legs in flex-all and took muscle relaxants that are suppose to knock me out.

Wednesday- How could I pass up Old School playing at San Pedro Square's Open Air Cinema? It was awesome! Jerome & Liz came with me. And while I'm down there, a guy recognizes me and asks if I am Liz from Lizapalooza. Too crazy. He was at my last party. Better yet, he is wearing a shirt that says Mike-a-palooza, as it is his birthday today. And yet even better, we are about to watch old school that features the ever famous party, Mitch-a-palooza. [editor's note: I started Lizapalooza far before I ever saw that movie.] But seriously, it was really all to coincidental.

Tuesday, July 10

Visiting the 4 Corners of the Bay Area:

I feel like I did a whirlwind tour of the Bay this weekend. It started with dancing Friday night in downtown San Jose with Christel. Saturday night brought Faam's birthday dinner in Richmond followed by drinks in Berkeley. The next morning was Sunday brunch with the Spains in Santa Cruz mountains. Then back up north for Sunday night sushi in San Francisco with Lani. It was so much fun all weekend long. I was constantly surrounded by friends having a good time. It was a fantastic weekend.

New in life: I've been recruited to play catcher for my company baseball team. Last night was the first game. I'm sore but it was alot of fun (even though we lost). Was joining the team a strategic career move? Absolutely! They were in dire need of1 more girl or they forfeit. The director of reservations is very grateful.

Saturday, July 7


  • Lizapalooza Fad Fest was rockin' it. So much fun. Best fad: Lyndsie dressed as a my little pony. Fun times: hula hoops, pacman, dancing in the kitchen to Baby Got Back. The fads were great. From grunge to afros to camoflauge, we had it all. And everyone got a kick out of fad giveaways like rubix cubes, koosh balls, and slap bracelets. Party closed up about 5:30am. I already have the theme and date set up for the next one. Save the date: Saturday, August 4th

    Me & The TwinsBest Costume of the Night

Me & the boys

  • Work is good but oh my goodness! I've been working alot! 6 days a week gasping for a breath. Last weekend we had a Mexico Trade Show we had to attend and I won 4 nights stay in Puerto Vallarta so I'm excited about that. I think that makes my first official perk of this job.
  • 4th of July... I worked. No kidding. And I was exhausted after not getting enough sleep for the week prior so I crashed out immediately. I woke up in time to catch a fabulous show of fireworks. We were so close. It was amazing.
  • Today... I'm at work. And exhausted. Last night, I went shopping with Kendra and went a little bezerk. I got clothes and new 460 thread count sheets I'm dying to try out. Then Christel and I went out dancing downtown. Then we met up with some people at the bar. And back to my house for a little after party. Christel and I both had to work this morning so we were ridiculous. But I know how to rally so I covered for her so she could go home.
  • Tonight I'm excited about going to Faam's birthday celebration. We are bowling! So fun. I have to get my bowling ball out of the garage. Yes, I have my own bowling ball. I had hoped to get off of work early to get her a gift, but alas I have 45 minutes to go and I'm still here. Too bad I'm running on 4 hours of sleep and hava a drive roundtrip drive up to Richmond ahead of me. I think I'll have to force the other Liz to drive while I nap on the way there.

Wednesday, June 20

Lizapalooza Fad Fest - Saturday, June 30th

Need Help with a fad? Check out wikipedia for ideas.

Monday, June 18

Time To Get Ill

Yesterday= damn near perfect day.

I started the morning by winning the internet race to buy 4 beastie boys tickets before they sold out. I am so excited. I can't wait for the show.

And then I headed up to Golden Gate Park for the Alice Summerthing. It was perfect. Laying on a blanket in the sunshine listening to a fabulous line up of Mat Kearney, Everclear, and Smashmouth. I really enjoyed Everclear I think maybe more that Mat Kearney this time. I've seen Mat lots of times but this was the first time I saw everclear. They were amazingly awesome. And it was such a beautiful day out and they had bubble machines on and it was just fun.

Then I had a good dinner in Little Italy where there happened to be a street festival where they had sidewalk chalk artist doing their thing. It was very cool. And the cafe we ate at was delicious.

Back in San Jose we rally some folks to go see Knocked Up. I had already seen it but I laughed so much the first time that I had to see it again. Loved yesterday. I feel ready to return to office life for the week. This weekend was what a weekend is suppose to be... a ton of fun.

Saturday, June 16


Oh, I know it's been forever. And ever. And I hate to just give yet another bulletpoint review, but I feel like catching up is what is best for right now. Although not much is really happening right now so my bulletpoints will look more like organized ramblings.
  • Love work. It's so much fun planning vacations. I now work direct with clients as well as with travel agents. And I have added Mexico to my list of specialties since the last blog. Itching next for Europe.
  • Save the date: June 30th. Yes, folks. Foxworthy House Productions is back in planning mode preparing to bring you all a night of fun, friends, and fads. It's Lizapalooza Fad Fest. Come Sporting a memorable past fad. What's a fad? Well, think back to those pictures of you circa a decade or two ago where you are wearing something utterly ridiculous. Remember those MC Hammer pants or the hypercolor gear or your grunge rock plaid phase. Or how about that NKOTB gear you use to so proudly sport. And we'll be rocking some of the best fad music. I think we will all be laughing our asses off at what shows up. [side note: let me know if you have any fad decor I can borrow... lava lamps, door beads, whatever].
  • Looking for fellow wharf to wharf runners. My roommate, Kendra, was to be my partner in crime for this ultra fun race. But she rolled her foot jumping rope a month ago and it hasn't healed. New diagnosis: it's broken. She has surgury on Tuesday. So let me know if you are running this year because right now I'm solo on this.
  • What's been fun... catching up with my Utah based rockstar ex who is on his way to fame. The album is on itunes so I suggest checking out this ultra talented guy. I'm so proud of him.
  • I was in the funk of all funks and in desperate need of saving when low and behold a 7am text message brings light of a heroine to save me. Andrea proposes that I join her that afternoon for a hang gliding. Her rendition and pictures do it more justice than I could give the experience. I'm so thankful I have a friend like her who shows up right when I need saving.
  • Tonight was a reunion of a past life, my past friends, my past loves. And I didn't let the fact that it was the past hold me back from exuding my future. It was liberating. I talked freely and acted freely. I love the rare opportunities to just not care what others might think and just say and do what you feel. It brings me back to a younger time in my life when I was not scared to be adventurous.

Sunday, March 4

And how have you been?

And continuing on the reconnecting catching up business, how about a bulletpoint review in no particular order.

  • My mom got me a bike for my birthday. Sheila and I went for a great bike ride down to Vasona. It was really fun despite being pretty darn cold. I can't wait for better weather.
  • Right after thanksgiving I started a new job. I work for Classic Vacations, a division of Expedia that deals in luxury wholesale vacations. I was valedictorian of my training group. I'm really enjoying the work. I spend all day working with travel agents planning trips for their clients to Hawaii and Caribbean, my current specialties. I hope to add Mexico to my repetriore next.
  • LiZac split. Still friends but decided to that miserable wasn't something we could do for the rest of our lives. Now we both tend to be working on balancing happiness and lonliness and defining where the line is when ex-es try to be friends.
  • School is fine. I'm in a perpetual state of catching up. Lani has been very helpful. My new trick is to stay at the office and do homework for a few hours until the last of them close up shop. By the time I leave it's 7:00 and I still can sneak in some me time.
  • They say it's best to marry your best friend. Um, but neither myself or my best friend are into each other like that. So my best friend, Carrie, married Shane this past December. I was honored to be in the role of Maid of Honor. It was a beautiful wedding with a gorgeous backdrop. It was a day filled with so many loved ones and dear friends. The reception was so much fun. And the bride... beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. The wedding pictures have been amazing to look at.
  • Thanksgiving this year was a blast. I had EzRay in from NYC. And the Gorum tribe of Reno staying with me. Couple those foriegners with Zac and my father. That would be cooking thanksgiving dinner for 10 at my house. My first turkey created a commotion when my grand scheme of rotiserrie turkey set the bird a fire. When the flames were put out the bird was transferred to the oven for a more traditional baking process. It turned out fab as the burnt outer layered seared in the moisture and flavor. I was very proud of the bread dough cornacopia I made with a plethora of baked vegetables cascading out of it. It was quite the masterpiece. And then there was the amazing Squash soup that Ray made. A delicious day with family.
  • January brought the seasons first glipses of snow covered mountains and enough free ambition to send Nate and I heading to the slopes. We had a great weekend in Reno hanging with my family, snowboarding, dining out and catching a comedy show. It was a great time. I hope I can get to the slopes at least one more time this season.
  • New and Old roommate: Liz. The other Liz. We both lived in the dorms at SJCC back 10 years ago. She was in my core little group of the 5 of us girls who were tight. We road tripped to Arizona for Sheri's wedding after the college days. And then I would just see her here and there. Well, we were always meaning to hang out more, especially once she took a teaching position for a school on the end of my block. Well, it worked out that she had to leave her place and has come to live with me. It's memory lane. It's awesome to have her around. For even in our distances, she has still been a true and sincere friend to me. This has been the 2nd SJCC dorm girl to move in with me. Who's next? Faam? Talicia? Alana?

Well, it's late and I have a community service project early in the morning. I hope I will keep up with some of this blogging now that I've gotten over the gap. Blessings to all.

Sunday, January 28


To log in to blog it asks for my username and password and then there's a little check box below that asks "remember me[?]". I feel like it is more of a question than a command option. My blog sees that I'm back and wonders if I had forgotten all about the three year relationship we've carried on and why it has not heard from me in months. I resolve to try harder to share more. Yes, my dear blog, I do remember you.

What brings me back is being tagged by Rob. The mission is to tell 5 things you likely don't know about me:
1. I almost always prefer to just dance by myself with a large group of people than to dance one on one with a guy.
2. I have an affinity for any type dish that combines meat or fish with some type of fruit. I love that blend of unique sweet and savory.
3. I can speak more Spanish than I let on. I'm embarrassed about how slow and awkward I am and I blank under the pressure of speaking it. So I just pretend I don't speak it at all.
4. When I was a kid I had a speech impediment where my R's sounded like W's (Think Elmer Fudd). I use to lie and say that I was from New York and play it off like an accent. I said I was from Albany (the only other city I new was in NY other than NYC) because if I said I was from NYC people would ask me too many questions.
5. My dad thinks I am jinx his football bets so I know better than to call him on any day during football season that a game might be on. We need a new oven, but I don't dare call him until after superbowl. Just one more week.

Now I pass this on to 5 people. The mission is the same. Tell us 5 things we likely do not know about you.

5. Duncan
Consider yourselves tagged.