Saturday, July 7


  • Lizapalooza Fad Fest was rockin' it. So much fun. Best fad: Lyndsie dressed as a my little pony. Fun times: hula hoops, pacman, dancing in the kitchen to Baby Got Back. The fads were great. From grunge to afros to camoflauge, we had it all. And everyone got a kick out of fad giveaways like rubix cubes, koosh balls, and slap bracelets. Party closed up about 5:30am. I already have the theme and date set up for the next one. Save the date: Saturday, August 4th

    Me & The TwinsBest Costume of the Night

Me & the boys

  • Work is good but oh my goodness! I've been working alot! 6 days a week gasping for a breath. Last weekend we had a Mexico Trade Show we had to attend and I won 4 nights stay in Puerto Vallarta so I'm excited about that. I think that makes my first official perk of this job.
  • 4th of July... I worked. No kidding. And I was exhausted after not getting enough sleep for the week prior so I crashed out immediately. I woke up in time to catch a fabulous show of fireworks. We were so close. It was amazing.
  • Today... I'm at work. And exhausted. Last night, I went shopping with Kendra and went a little bezerk. I got clothes and new 460 thread count sheets I'm dying to try out. Then Christel and I went out dancing downtown. Then we met up with some people at the bar. And back to my house for a little after party. Christel and I both had to work this morning so we were ridiculous. But I know how to rally so I covered for her so she could go home.
  • Tonight I'm excited about going to Faam's birthday celebration. We are bowling! So fun. I have to get my bowling ball out of the garage. Yes, I have my own bowling ball. I had hoped to get off of work early to get her a gift, but alas I have 45 minutes to go and I'm still here. Too bad I'm running on 4 hours of sleep and hava a drive roundtrip drive up to Richmond ahead of me. I think I'll have to force the other Liz to drive while I nap on the way there.


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