Wednesday, July 18

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Monday - ugh! Late night baseball game that left me gimpafied. I pull both hamstrings. Yes both. And this is less than a week from Wharf to Wharf. I am recovering well though so I may be able to still run it.

Tuesday - What the heck did I do last night. I don't remember. Kendra's mom is in town. I guess I just helped Kendra go pick her up from the airport. And then lathered my legs in flex-all and took muscle relaxants that are suppose to knock me out.

Wednesday- How could I pass up Old School playing at San Pedro Square's Open Air Cinema? It was awesome! Jerome & Liz came with me. And while I'm down there, a guy recognizes me and asks if I am Liz from Lizapalooza. Too crazy. He was at my last party. Better yet, he is wearing a shirt that says Mike-a-palooza, as it is his birthday today. And yet even better, we are about to watch old school that features the ever famous party, Mitch-a-palooza. [editor's note: I started Lizapalooza far before I ever saw that movie.] But seriously, it was really all to coincidental.


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