Saturday, June 16


Oh, I know it's been forever. And ever. And I hate to just give yet another bulletpoint review, but I feel like catching up is what is best for right now. Although not much is really happening right now so my bulletpoints will look more like organized ramblings.
  • Love work. It's so much fun planning vacations. I now work direct with clients as well as with travel agents. And I have added Mexico to my list of specialties since the last blog. Itching next for Europe.
  • Save the date: June 30th. Yes, folks. Foxworthy House Productions is back in planning mode preparing to bring you all a night of fun, friends, and fads. It's Lizapalooza Fad Fest. Come Sporting a memorable past fad. What's a fad? Well, think back to those pictures of you circa a decade or two ago where you are wearing something utterly ridiculous. Remember those MC Hammer pants or the hypercolor gear or your grunge rock plaid phase. Or how about that NKOTB gear you use to so proudly sport. And we'll be rocking some of the best fad music. I think we will all be laughing our asses off at what shows up. [side note: let me know if you have any fad decor I can borrow... lava lamps, door beads, whatever].
  • Looking for fellow wharf to wharf runners. My roommate, Kendra, was to be my partner in crime for this ultra fun race. But she rolled her foot jumping rope a month ago and it hasn't healed. New diagnosis: it's broken. She has surgury on Tuesday. So let me know if you are running this year because right now I'm solo on this.
  • What's been fun... catching up with my Utah based rockstar ex who is on his way to fame. The album is on itunes so I suggest checking out this ultra talented guy. I'm so proud of him.
  • I was in the funk of all funks and in desperate need of saving when low and behold a 7am text message brings light of a heroine to save me. Andrea proposes that I join her that afternoon for a hang gliding. Her rendition and pictures do it more justice than I could give the experience. I'm so thankful I have a friend like her who shows up right when I need saving.
  • Tonight was a reunion of a past life, my past friends, my past loves. And I didn't let the fact that it was the past hold me back from exuding my future. It was liberating. I talked freely and acted freely. I love the rare opportunities to just not care what others might think and just say and do what you feel. It brings me back to a younger time in my life when I was not scared to be adventurous.


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