Tuesday, July 10

Visiting the 4 Corners of the Bay Area:

I feel like I did a whirlwind tour of the Bay this weekend. It started with dancing Friday night in downtown San Jose with Christel. Saturday night brought Faam's birthday dinner in Richmond followed by drinks in Berkeley. The next morning was Sunday brunch with the Spains in Santa Cruz mountains. Then back up north for Sunday night sushi in San Francisco with Lani. It was so much fun all weekend long. I was constantly surrounded by friends having a good time. It was a fantastic weekend.

New in life: I've been recruited to play catcher for my company baseball team. Last night was the first game. I'm sore but it was alot of fun (even though we lost). Was joining the team a strategic career move? Absolutely! They were in dire need of1 more girl or they forfeit. The director of reservations is very grateful.


Anonymous rob said...

galas you got a chance to stop by and hang out :)

9:53 PM  

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