Monday, June 18

Time To Get Ill

Yesterday= damn near perfect day.

I started the morning by winning the internet race to buy 4 beastie boys tickets before they sold out. I am so excited. I can't wait for the show.

And then I headed up to Golden Gate Park for the Alice Summerthing. It was perfect. Laying on a blanket in the sunshine listening to a fabulous line up of Mat Kearney, Everclear, and Smashmouth. I really enjoyed Everclear I think maybe more that Mat Kearney this time. I've seen Mat lots of times but this was the first time I saw everclear. They were amazingly awesome. And it was such a beautiful day out and they had bubble machines on and it was just fun.

Then I had a good dinner in Little Italy where there happened to be a street festival where they had sidewalk chalk artist doing their thing. It was very cool. And the cafe we ate at was delicious.

Back in San Jose we rally some folks to go see Knocked Up. I had already seen it but I laughed so much the first time that I had to see it again. Loved yesterday. I feel ready to return to office life for the week. This weekend was what a weekend is suppose to be... a ton of fun.


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