Sunday, May 23

Yesterday was filled with fun, parties, and friends. The morning was consumed with a garage sale where I made very little money, but lots of friends stopped by during. At Ben and Shannon's engagement party there were lots of old friends who I hadn't seen in years. There was old loves and new loves and one big celebration of love and friends and family and friends who feel like family. Then I headed over to Peggy and Sherman's for a yummy luau where I made a few new friends and found interesting new connections between my web of friends. Then Haylee and I headed up to Palo Alto to go out with Shawn and his whole crew of friends. These guys are always so much fun to go out with. More friends came and met up so we were rolling pretty deep. We found chairs to stand on and sake to bomb before heading to a few clubs to dance. All were glad that me and my sobreity were around at the end of the night. There was no sober driver in Shawn's group so me and Haylee split up and got them all home safely. I get home to discover that for the 2nd time this week, Jasmine the frog has escaped and is hopping around the house. Haylee finds her in her room on her tv screen. Ariel escaped Friday night and we haven't found her yet so I think that froggy has gone to find a new pond elsewhere. Maybe K Meow Meow took her to the pond in the sky.


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