Sunday, May 30

Unproductivity is running ramped with me lately. I didn't really leave the house at all today, despite the fact that I woke up at 11 and dressed to go running. At 9:30 I finally ditched the sports bra to change into sweats and go to the movies with Haylee. We saw SAVED! which was hilariously somewhat accurate in some aspects, just taken to extremes. They villanized the Jesus freaks and glorified the "campus heathens". But this isn't far from the truth sometimes. In reality, there are many Christians who miss the point and end up not acting Christ like at all and there are tons out there just faking the funk and hiding all their imperfections behind a super righteous facade. And there are non Christians who are such awesome people that they exemplify to me how to be more Christlike. And if more good but imperfect people filled our churches than righteous faking hypocrites, well then maybe society wouldn't hold such a grudge on religion and maybe our society would see the good in striving for a higher moral standard for ourselves and our generation. Basically, there are some nice people and some mean people in the world. And there are Christians and non Christians on both sides of the fence. And if you focus on all that then you too are missing the point. The point is that nobody is perfect. We are all screw ups even if you pretend not to be. I may be pretty good, but I'm not perfect and I'm not pretending to be. I don't hide my mistakes or the fact that there are some mistakes I keep making over and over again. If I was perfect, then I wouldn't need Jesus. If I was perfect, then I'd be able to just save myself. Next time you see some Christian who is missing the point and acting high and mighty, just remind yourself that they are Christians because deep down they know they suck and need Jesus to save them from themselves just as much as the drug dealer down the street or the pedifile or the murderer or the saint. We all fall into that category of losers. The point is knowing how to deal with our own fallibility. The point is to give up relying on ourselves and let a loving God who is bigger and better than us all give us the help we all really need. Alright. Mini sermon over. I'm feeling productive. I'm going to go pay bills and run errands.


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