Thursday, May 20

I've had the whole week off of work and haven't done a whole lot. My grand dreams of being super ultra productive have been replaced with bouts of watching movies and sleeping and waiting till the last possible moment to shower and leave the house. I did make some new friends and went out with them, and I did organize the bathroom shelves, but that is about all. The weekend was highly productive but that's because I had Carrie with me. We rode along side a motorcycle gang on their mecca to Hollister and then went to Monterey for some yummy fresh crabmeat sandwiches on the wharf, we had an OD moment over at Ghiradelli before we headed to Target for new house essentials, and then icing on the cake was visiting Michael (who use to be my foster son), and then we even stopped to do some damage at the outlets on the way home. Big day. That was just Saturday. Sunday was more chill starting with church, sweet tomatoes, pedicures, unpacking Carrie and settling her into her new place, and strolling down to NOLA's for a late dinner. I'm going to try to sway Jason over to NOLA's again tonight. I can't get enough of this Cajun fusion menu. Mmmm.


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