Tuesday, April 13

I heard that the house I grew up in is empty and I think the owner is looking to sell. My mom always loved that house. It is right in the heart of Willow Glen walking distance to the little downtown strip and I always dreamed of getting that house for her. So on a whim this morning I go to lendingtree.com and what do you know... I get approved for a $540,000 home loan. The payments are beyond what I make though. But knowing that it is in an option makes me want to search for another house for her that is maybe a bit smaller and less expensive and in a not so over priced neighborhood. First I have to finish dumping money into my house and then see what my mom gets from her lawsuit because we may be able to use it for a down payment. And I should pay off a few bills and maybe open a bank account. I realize it would be crazy for me to jump into this right away. There is a lot of preparation and research to do. My mom agrees that the banks must be crazy to agree to lend me so much money with my bad credit and low income. I should get a second job right away. I'm going to go search the internet.


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