Friday, April 2

Back to the Hotel
Fumigation is over and I am finally back in my house and back on the internet. But all the food is still in my car. And the cats are still at my mom's. The left over fumes stung my eyes last night when I came home so I thought it best to open the windows and go back to mom's for just one more night. Big ambitious plan for the weekend: take advantage of the empty kitchen and line the cabinet shelves, swap in a new refrigerator, take my old garage door and a huge antenae that came down from the roof to the dump, chop down an ugly prickly tree, help paint my mom's friend's house, bring pets home...
So I got a new roommate to replace Melanie. Her name is Haylee and I like her alot. She works at a Marriott too so automatically scoring brownie points. Ciara on the other hand (replaced my spare bedroom/closet/sewing room) is going just borderline because in my ad I said non smoker and this chica is cancer stick dependent. She doesn't smoke inside, but that scent still follows her around and I'm scared it will stick to the furniture. I know I have to have a "talk" with her, but really it just sucks to have to be in the position at all. Have I mentioned that I'm having a party on the 17th for Carrie coming home. If my computer can not crash for just 20 minutes or so, you may see a pimp flyer coming out sometime soon.


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