Wednesday, April 21

Party was it's typical success. No pics though because I still haven't gotten around to buying a new digital. I have probably 100 jello shots left over in my refrigerator. So far this week, I have attempted everyday to tile my entry way, but only really started it tonight with the help of Jerome, my completely unrelated brother. I'm helping keep him out of trouble by making him commit to help me with all my silly little projects every single night. Actually they aren't silly projects. My entry way (although not finished) looks great. Tommorrow we clear out the bedrooms because come Friday morning, workers come to install carpet for me. And then Friday night I play musical furniture in an attempt to refill the bedrooms and clear the living room (piano included) for Saturday's big work day when the living room & hall get carpeted. I have so many supplies to buy for the big work day but completely ran out of money with just the tile and carpet (and party). Looks like I'll be spending most of Friday night cashing my check and picking out paint and other house stuff. Carrie is gone for a few days and I'm using the time to let kitty back in the house. Oh! I just remembered that I was suppose to go feed my mom's dog tonight while she's out of town. Good thing I drank that coke and am still awake.


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