Tuesday, April 6

Today I made a big fort in the living room out of sheets and pillows and chairs and blankets and baby and I played in their all day long. She took extra long nap today... 11 to 2:30... ya 3+ hours of me getting paid to chill and sleep. Life is maybe too easy for me, so I've been thinking about making it interesting and becoming a pampered chef consultant on the side. Good news this morning, Ciara is moving out which is great because I don't have to kick her out. AND mom gave in and is letting me have the gorgeous new refrigerator that her friend is getting rid of. She had wanted it so badly, but realized she moves too much and that is not good for the refrigerator. But this rises the need for a truck and I don't have one. I need more friends with trucks, because my only truck friend can't give hers up until Saturday and that just doesn't work for me. Hmmm. I got my laptop cord today so I can start using that since my desktop is going bezerk. And that means I can finally work on my lizapalooza jellofest flyers. It's only a week and a half away. So much to do still. I should start with cleaning my room. Tonight I was reading Mimi Smartypants and she goes into this thing about how she is so obsessed with her daughter that if she didn't live with her, she would be totally google-stalking her. I've totally google-stalked people I just haven't ever heard it coined up in one phrase. Hilarious. Those who know me well, know that I stalk. I don't act on anything, just stalk. It's really harmless as long as the person your stalking doesn't know you are doing it and as long as no major lines of privacy are crossed. But hey, if I don't have the nerve to call someone up and see how they are doing, why not just google-stalk them and figure it out for yourself.


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