Wednesday, February 15

What I've Been Grateful For

* The gorgeous almost summer tank top and shorts weather
* Getting Ned from Craigslist to reserve his big black 6' love sac for me and deliver it to me this weekend too all for $120.
*That Kristy is coming back so that it is my last day working with the twins meaning that I should have my free time back to focus on other projects.

*That I didn't have to work this morning and therefore ended up being able to sleep in.
* Successfully moving all my desks and needed tables into my now office/art studio.
* God answering my prayer for help being productive today.
* Finding time to petroglyph with Lani

*playing like a kid- laying in the grass, sitting up high on top of the monkey bars, wicked game of 2 square leaving me with that dirt freckled film over my fist... I even have a cut and a bandaid to go along with it.
* Finding out from my boss that I am spared from my error of overbooking myself... no overtime.
* Jamba Juice Dinner

* Having my boss unexpectedly come home relieving me from work at 1pm and giving me a huge section of my day back.
* Accomplishing the completion of a beautiful and perfect piece of art
* Lani

*new roommate who organizes the whole kitchen and relandscapes the backyard to keep herself busy
* the new addition to the couch family... the delivery of the love sac.
*motorcycle riding

* church visitors
*zac's keeping himself busy while at my house because his mere presence is enough to motivate me into cleaning mode.
*knowing we can get through the bubble bursting

* pink heart shaped pancakes and hungry little girls
* girl scout cookie delivery

*for my creation
*that there was no burger pit in the plans for the evening
*that I have a boyfriend who cleans up nicely

* being able to sleep in until noon
* that Sheila is so forgiving of me being a huge flake
* that I was able to be somewhat slightly productive


Anonymous Lani said...

Me Grateful for you Too!!! Love and miss you :)

4:32 PM  
Blogger r.bean said...

cha chooot, i should really be thanking your parents for getting warm and friendly but i want to send you hugs for all the kisses you mailed to me.

5:34 PM  

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