Friday, September 2

Happy Blog Birthday!

Today is my blog's 2 year birthday. Thank you, Bean, for getting me hooked. So here are some of my more memorable and special posts from the last year....
*sexual battery incident
*the liz whiz quiz
*caribbean cruise highlights
*northstar trip and New Years Resolutions (doing very bad at these).
*the passing of Ming Quong
*Seeking a New Best Friend.... a must read!!
Thanks for reading my life, hearing my views, sharing in my troubles and my triumphs. I love the support so never be shy to acknowledge that you read. Oh, and go check out my first post which explains why this is considered "My Superficial Outlook on the World and Counter View on the Blogs of East Coast Radicalists".


Blogger r.bean said...

hurray! i get to be the first to wish happy blogday!
i request:
more quizes
more boy coverage
more crepes
my blog sends your blog flowers

2:45 PM  

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