Friday, July 29

Watch Your Back Side

I'm on such an adrenaline rush right now. First it was being fueled by rage and now by the satisfaction that can only come with vindication. I started the morning with an awesome workout. I was doing my usual run around my neighborhood. I had just stopped at the gym and was continuing my run home. I ran down Kelly's street to see if she was home, but she wasn't so I turned around. This is when I first noticed this young guy on his bicycle. It was a green low rider bicycle with the long handlebars. Well, this guy starts following pretty close behind me. I switch to the other side of the street. He switches too. He passes me on the sidewalk and then slows down so now he's in his way and of course I'm ticked at him because his stupid little game is very apparent and extremely annoying. And I'd love to just cuss him out but I was trying to come up with a Christ-like way of handling this and I could only think cuss words so I stayed silent. I got off the side walk and continued to run in the street. He turned off for a second and then reappeared behind me. Now my next stop was to be the bank on the corner so when I reach that little shopping center I slow to walk across the parking lot. Well he comes up from behind and grabs my ass, at which point the curse words fly and he jets off. I wish I was fast enough to knock him off his bike, but I wasn't. So I go into the grocery store right there and use their phone to call the police. I give a description and they send a cop out to take a report. The cop goes off to look for him. I go home and get my cell and car and start driving around the neighborhood looking for him. I run into the cop who tells me that he called another cop who lives in my area and that cop saw this guy just last night in front of Target and he watched as he grabbed some lady's ass. He was off duty but he told her that she should file a report (but she didn't). But Target will most likely have surviellance video of it. So now he's a serial butt grabber. I drove around a bit more before I gave up and stopped at Kelly's for a while and then I ran to the fabric store and when I pull out of the fabric store I see that on the corner are two cop cars lights flashing with my perp in handcuffs! I was thrilled! The high of vindication! What a rush! I identified the guy for the cops and he's off to jail charged with Sexual Battery. Ends up that he was only sixteen; so young to already be registered as a sexual offender. But the way it was a game to this guy was the making of a much worse kind of game in the future. He's been arrested before. I don't know what for. And he admitted to grabbing 4 different women. Nobody called in or reported it but me. I didn't call the cops because I was scared or felt violated. I could care less that it happened to me. I called them because it bothered me that he was doing this type of thing at all. Because the other 3 women he made cower with this little power game of his. And it's horrible that women have these experiences and then feel fearful and paranoid and powerless. But this punk messed with the wrong woman when he grabbed at me. Because I'm the kind of girl who isn't scared by his tactics and will fight back hard. And when you win that fight... ahh... the adrenaline rush. It couldn't have been better if I had gone toe to toe with him in a boxing ring. No idiot jerk is going to victimize me. I run this neighborhood. San Jose PD rocks!


Blogger Duncan said...

"The Case of the Phantom Ass-Grabber" - I can't see it being made into a new Nancy Drew book - but you never know.....

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