Monday, July 17

Another Bulletpoint Review

  • Next weekend I am running the Wharf to Wharf 10K that I am completely unprepared for.
  • Highlight of the week was going to a free volunteer based tax clinic to have my taxes reviewed where they realize a $500 error in my last return and did my state taxes for me. It's a great organization... website:
  • Zac and I have reached this schetchy 6 month marker of our relationship where we break up and get back together and continuously contemplate whether we should be together. Current status: On, but contemplating.
  • I took my 16 year old neice backpacking up to Sykes in Big Basin. It was alot of fun and some good time to just chill. She is so smart and perceptive. And I was incredibly proud of her for being tough and dealing with nature even if it meant mosquito bites in unnatural places and constant avoidance of the overpopulating poison oak.
  • School is pushing me to figure out Core Convergence stuff which is great. I've made some great headway on areas of it that I hadn't been able to face yet like finalizing its purpose statement and its operation model and a growth plan from how to implement it's functions in the beginning phase when it will not have a building. I look forward to sharing my findings and discoveries soon.
  • I'm in the midst of what I call Double Work Week. There is a one week span when I am wrapping up doing the final research paper for one course and have to simultaneously prepare the first weeks work for the next course. Will I make it? I don't know. I think writing this 10 page research paper will be testing for me. I like the smaller busy work better. Plus I like to start things but have a phobia about finishing things. So right now I am much more apt to to the work for my next class rather than wrap up the work for my last class.
  • This morning was my last Sunday at church. I will be doing Wharf to Wharf the final Sunday. So we took everything down from the interactive mural and repainted the wall back to white. It felt like a very normal church building this morning. It's too bad I will miss the last Sunday because I'm really more prepared to finish well with the church than to finish well with the race I'll be at instead.
  • Job suckage... as in no job. It's very Job. So I lost 2 out of 3 of my clients that I had waiting on me while I went to pursue the other amazing opportunity that fell into my lap. Well, I didn't get the amazing opportunity either. So now I have just one small job that doesn't start for another month and will only be 2 days a week. It is totally not enough to pay the bills, but I'm in a bind. I'm working on alternative income plans. In the meanwhile, thank God my old boss called me up out of the blue needing some sporadic summer help. I'm just counting down until Friday when hopefully I will get my financial aid check. It's too bad the last month of unemployment has it basically already spent.
  • Can't wait for the Soliton Conference. It's just a few weeks away. It's going to be great. Think about coming and let me know if you decide you will. We are trying to rally 12 of us so we can get a discount on registration. It was great last year. Here is the link to my blog about last year's conference. And that link will lead you to links of flickr pictures of it all.


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