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I don't know how managed to not write about this yet. Overall, it was a good experience that I would do again. But here's the breakdown... from the pictures of years past it seemed to be more interactive mind stretching participatory symbolic types of activities, which is what really intrigued me because that is completely my style. And I hear there use to be just a ton of worship. But this year no worship (at least not the musical kind). And it was almost all talk and lecture and conversations... a learning style that really just doesn't fit me. The other thing I encountered was that they use a vocabulary I am unfamiliar with because I do not go to an Emergent Church. I wasn't even sure what an "Emergent Church" was. I got a better understanding when I got home and found this definition online. There was no explanation or purpose or goal stated for the conference. It was like walking into a conversation and trying to catch up on what we are talking about.

What made it worth while was the opportunity to meet and bond with other Christians (including those I went with from my church). It was great to see what kind of causes people were drawn to and how they were working for these causes... an outreach to the brothel workers in Sao Paulo, working against the fear and segregation between protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland, a worldwide crusade against human trafficking. I also really did enjoy opportunities like the bloggers lunch meeting where the topic turned to the theology of sex and marriage. And nights gathered round the fire pit at Jared's was an amazing part of it. And thank God Jared & Regina let us stay with him despite their impending baby due date (which came last night!!), otherwise we would have been left out of what I consider to be the best part of the soliton experience. My favorite Roxy flipflops were sacrificed in my need to be close to the flames. You can tell the impact the fire nights made on me by checking out my soliton photo set. Rob has good pics too.

And what made Soliton really a significant event in my life was how the Lord worked through me and inspired me with a whole new vision. In the last hour and a half of the conference I sat away from the group in a corner listening and praying and receiving from God a quite detailed impression of how I can contribute, what needs to be created, and how to do it. I'm really excited. And everyone wants to know what it is, but honestly it's a bit to complex to just say. It takes a 1/2 hour conversation. So I won't be writing about it anytime soon. But let me apologize to my fan base now. You'll be very sad to hear that it has virtually nothing at all to do with crepes. I will still of course make crepes on frequent occasion for my friends. And I may still distribute out crepes for a very interested chef to use. But for now await the big vision.

But I'll leave you with a poem that was written at soliton on a walk to seek out God in the city.

The Mission
Pray with me it beckons
but just one kneels and prays
but for what

Green conservatism with hair pulled back
housing inner angst of fear, pain, sorrow, needs
and does this building provide for the $1 admission cost

The church theme is a need for light.
There is darkness inside,
just a few windows, a few candles lit.
And there are candelabras, tall pillar candles, chandeliers even.
Still this is the Lord's house.

But if it was all lit, if it could be maximized and filled with light,
a holy light, an angel light, a heavenly light
that would pour down and drench the dark and dreary
and bring the light of hope.


Blogger Jon said...

Organized talktalktalk (as opposed to the unorganized spontaneous kind I love) got to be a bit much. At one point, my brain was just full and I was frustrated with the lack of hands-on anything, so Mike & I just skipped a session and went for a walk.

I wonder how we can create opportunities for hands-on stuff here...

11:44 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

I know... we can meet once a week and do hands on stuff... maybe friday nights... ya. and we can call it the "Spain" homegroup. Watcha think?

11:47 AM  
Blogger Suzanna said...

Liz, you wrote about this time so well and I think I really missed out having to leave early. I am so happy for you about being so inspired. So many times we don't take advantage of the oppotunites that come daily to talk about any and all things that can bring the same kind of light. I hope you, Jon and others keep it up.

6:24 PM  

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