Tuesday, September 12

Update... Pray for Zac

Somewhere between TX and NY, Zac lost his passport (with visa stamp inside). It most likely fell out of his pocket on an American Airlines plane. There is nobody answering at the AA counters right now because it is late and they are closed. His flight to Dubai had to leave with out him. He is going to the Emigrants (sp?) Airline counter right now to reschedule his flight. Then he will be attempting to get a new passport and visa in NYC tomorrow. I'm working on contacting some friends we have there to put him up and help him out.

Keep Zac on your hearts right now as he is going through this.

update: flight is rescheduled for tomorrow night at the same time. Now he just needs a new passport or the old one to show up by then.


Anonymous Lani said...

Praying . . .

5:12 PM  

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