Wednesday, September 13

Up Off and Away

Well, he got it done. I was up at 4 am emailing scanned copies of Zac's birth certificate and old passport to my dear cousin bean who printed them up for him so that he could have the cabby swing by her street on his way to the passport office which opened at 7:30 NYC time. It was an adventurous day all in all. Zac's first trip to NYC. It felt like Zac was still here because I talked to him so much. It was definately a team effort. I was on the internet looking up all the times and locations of everyplace he needed to go and together we rummaged together everything he needed for a new passport. I'm very tempted to post a copy of the very bad passport pic that he will be stuck with for the next 10 years. I slept again while that was in process. It was 9am here when I'm back to work mapquesting the Yemen embassy and pulling up the NYC subway system to coordinate directions for Zac, who is a newbie to the city. But alas, a new visa is obtained and he is on schedule to catch his 11pm flight. Finally, able to relax he grabs a late lunch. My dear cousin intercepts him and brings him back to her place for a nap in the foam palace, before boarding the subway once again to get back to JFK. There was a bit where they hadn't located his luggage and for a while I thought it may have gone to Dubai without him, but it got all fixed up. And he's off. He'll land at 10 am tomorrow in Dubai. A 14 hour flight followed by a 12 hour overnight layover in Dubai before he makes the early morning one hour flight over to Sanaa.


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