Tuesday, September 5

Time For Another Famous Bulletpoint Review

  • Labor Day Weekend was spent backpacking through Ansel Adams Wilderness to 1,000 Island Lake. Apparently, I've never hiked through the sierras and had never ever experienced altitude sickness. But at 10,000 ft I got my first experience with these symptoms: Dizziness, Loss of appetite, Shortness of breath, Disturbed sleep, General feeling of malaise , Severe headache that is not relieved by medication, Nausea and vomiting, increasing weakness and fatigue, Decreased co-ordination (ataxia). Special thanks to Tom & Louis who carried a lot of the weighty items in my pack on the way down to spare me. And to Zac who was caring for me to the extent of burying my barf. Gross I know. What a keeper he is!
  • Biblical Interpretation Crisis Overcome. With the help of such dedicated friends as Lani, Josh, and Zac and with the mercy of Professor Lee, I managed a B on the final that was causing my destruction just weeks ago. And for the whole class... a B-. Not bad given the number of assignments not turned in at the end. Good Job Team! Thanks to all those who were so understanding and provided emotional support for my breakdown! You all rock!
  • Zac is leaving me. Not for good. For Yemen. To visit his sister. For 26 days. And this departure occurs in just a week. Join me in cramming a whirlwind of prayer around this venture for both Zac and his sister. There is so much to do. We are trying to cram in hanging with friends, having quality time dates, packing, and tackling a huge to do list before he leaves. And what will I do while he is away? Get good grades. Travel to far away churches. Reconnect with friends who claim to be ditched for the boyfriend. Catch up with netflix. Reorg my life.
  • Good bye Keiko & Mariam. Hello Lyndsie & Crystal. Roommate swap. I am once again sporting a full house. Kendra is here of course as my faithful garden buddy. And now two new additions join. We are still getting acclimated.
  • Andrea is back! I really missed her this summer. It was cool to see her pics from all her traveling. I'm so jealous. And we celebrated her birthday with a quaint private dinner followed by a surprise ice cream social that brought throngs of yellow followers to see the legend in the flesh... tan flesh.
  • Enjoying... weddings, candy, flipping the calendar month, my food target chart, cherry tomatoes, kisses, the first of the month, pita pockets, the park, disposable cameras, lala, doing the dishes, harvesting the garden, salads, rings (plural), mineral hotspring showers, green tea, trader joes, and a plethora of wittiness.


Blogger Yellow said...

Woah...Is this what it feels like to be famous? ...To be metioned in your blog, and with a link no less?

10:41 PM  
Anonymous Lani said...

I love Yellow, she so funny. And I totally know how you feel. I love being mentioned in Liz'a blog - but only when she has good things to say - we came to terms with that.

I miss you Liz and Zac too. :(

11:09 AM  

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