Thursday, September 14

missing the sound of his voice

All morning I was kinda waiting around for 11:30 because that is when Zac usually takes lunch and calls me. It just kinda seemed like maybe he was just at work and not on the complete other side of the world. I was in the library with the girls around 11:30 when my cell rings with a number in the (281) area code. I answer to hear my sweet love's voice. He's made it to Dubai and is at this place called the Kingdom house where he is staying for the night. A few minutes later my other line is clicking with a number starting in a bunch of 0's. It's clearly international, I click over to find Charity, his sister, on the other line. It's not to often you have Dubai on one line and Sanaa on the other. A quick update with her about his passport success and where abouts and having him call her when we get off the phone. It was short, but very sweet. Very very sweet. Later, the girls and I are leaving the library and heading to the field where they can get their shouts and wiggles out. The phone rings again. He calls back to check in yet again and say goodnight before heading off to bed. How lucky am I. It's kinda like he's not really gone.


Anonymous zac said...

I love you Babe. Seek God first and everything else will come.

3:43 AM  
Anonymous Zac said...

I miss you too. Love you XOXOXO

11:05 AM  

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