Monday, August 7

This weekend was mighty. Friday night I went to see the latest new flick by Mr. Shamaylan, which I really enjoyed. I went with my roommate Kendra, who happens to be one of my most favorite people to go to movies with. The reason being is that she provides this very entertaining side show of how enthusiastically she interacts with the film. The girl will scream, literally jump out of her seat and practically into my lap, laugh at the top of her lungs at even lame jokes, and hide behind me. It's hilarious fun to watch her. She really enjoys her movie experience. She enjoys most everything in life. It's very refreshing to catch her in this perspective. I wish my life experiences left me as energized as hers do.

Saturday I went through Pampered Chef 101. I am debating becoming a consultant. (Anybody want to host a show?) Anyways, It was hours at a consultant training session and then stayed after to question the director about every aspect of consultancy. Now I am at the point of questioning myself about how much time and energy I have to commit to this even on a short term. It is easy to commit now as I feel an abundance of free time. However, starting next week I get 2 more work days added to my weekly calendar. And then there are already a plethora of weeknight functions and obligations that I am involved with or desiring to participate in. Do I have time for one more thing and at what cost?

Saturday night was such great fun. Foxworthy Fondue Feast... Liz on cheese. Lisa on chocolate. Dipping platters were filled to the brim with all sorts of goodness. Appropriately, we had Chocolat playing on the screen. What a terrific spiritual movie!

Sunday morning church shopping landed us at Life Church. It was the small no resource close knit community that I have been raised in. It was healing and I scored an awesome Bible out of it. The opening page reads: What is the effect when you read the pages of this book? That is to say perhaps nothing.

Our afternoon led us to the mall to cash in on free panties. But along the way we encountered a woman clearly bent and bitter on life, yet in this stunning denial. She hid behind strength and although needing comfort, she refused any kindness offered to her. She filled our minds with prayers for her. We got the panties, had some lunch, and went on our way hoping our friend would have the breakdown she clearly needed soon.


Blogger Bianca & Jeremy said...

May I ask if this friend was you? What's going on?

4:59 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

Ha! No. I am in abundance of breakdowns.

5:06 PM  
Blogger Yellow said...

Lookin' forward to goin' to the movies with you soon, too - though I can't promise the full experience your roommate gives at such "events" :)

10:37 AM  

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