Thursday, July 27

My Mailbox Psalm

Thank you Lord for this blessed day.
Thank you Lord getting me to this day.
Thank you for the day of blessed Pay.

Finally after months of waiting in pure agony, my financial aid refund check has come in. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
It has been so tough being unemployed and having this check be extra late on top of it. I want to thank all who were so supportive of me while I was on the brink of financial combustion.

*my acceptance speech*
Thank you to my friends who took me out to movies and lunches and paid for everything. I want to thank Zac for slipping that $7 dollars back into my purse when he thought I wasn't looking. And also for pulling some miracle work on getting my account out of negative while I was backpacking and completely unaware. I want to thank Mike for lending me money when I was once again facing overdrawn charges. I want to thank the Spains for their patience with me not getting them my money for Soliton yet. Oh, and I have to thank Rene who doesn't make much money at all for always trying to give me gas money and stuff. And I want to thank my aunt Linda who prayed for me to find work. I thank the WJU faculty for putting up with my neurotic phone calls of desperate attempt to find out where the money was. I did my best to handle it with grace while fighting the utter panic I was in. I want to thank my dad for tolerating the fact that my I haven't yet paid 70% of July's rent. And I have to thank my cousin Kim who must have stopped cashing the weekly checks I sent her about 4 months ago because now every Friday I get $40 life saving bucks put back into my account because the 3 month expiration date has passed. I have to give a shout out to Ford Motor Company for giving me an extension, because that was the bill I was most worried about not paying on time. I have to thank Satinder down at Wells Fargo by my house for letting me int the bank at 6:05 yesterday to deposit a little money to keep me from bounceville. God put you all in my path to help me out along the way when I was struggling. I have a BIG check in my hands and I started work yesterday. Thinks look hopeful. Thank you all. I wouldn't have made it without you.
Thank you!

I'm off to the bank now. Today is homework day, but tomorrow is bill paying day. Yeah!!!


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