Thursday, June 1


Rumor has it that I am going to get a nice refridgerator, washer, and dryer. All from my sister given that the house she bought came with a set and they also had theirs from their old house. Upgrades for me. Also upgrading is my backyard. Finally I win the craigslist battle for a free hot tub. Most people operate under the first come first served mentality. So there is always this race to be the first person to email back or call once the ad is posted. I responded an hour after posting and I thought my chances are shot because they surely have 15 other offers by now. But I WON, because this guy wasn't so diplomatic. He chose me because he liked my email best. "It would go to a good home of young hard working girls who couldn't afford one otherwise." He pictures in his mind a budwiser commercial with hot chicks in bikinis hot tubbing and giggling and is sold. Of course, from his perspective it now seems to be going to a good cause. I would agree. My relaxation is a very good cause.
Also the news of my sister finally buying a new house means that her junk will be leaving my garage giving me back lots of space... space to store the Love Sac. So it stays after all. Oh, and Travis and Kendra are building a garden in the backyard. Yahoo!


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Lovely! I can't wait to check it out!

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