Friday, May 26

On The Flipside

So tonight was my school orientation. The bad news was that they have royally screwed up my transfer agreements. None of my SJCC credits were making an appearance. This affects me in quite a few ways. Technically SJCC and WJU are the same so some of the classes that I took back then will count for this program and I won't have to take them. So I should have a lower tuition. Secondly, without them on my record it appears like I have few too credits for this program which got me placed on probation and put me at a Sophmore standing for FASFA. I get $3000 more as a Junior. This should all get cleared up soon. I hope. The good news is that some of my financial aid came in and I owe nothing this quarter. Well actually I owed $66 but then we realized that I probably won't be taking one of the classes this term when the credits come through and that I also won't need to be charged for the books, which gave me a book credit that covered the $66. Hooray! Praise God, because I was seriously stressing over that.

Making me laugh! What will those heathens think up next! (I kinda dig the Jr High Jesus).


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