Thursday, May 25

Listlessly Losing

This morning I was seriously losing it... like on the verge of a nervous breakdown losing it. All the systems that hold my life together are unraveling. I slept until I couldn't sleep anymore and then I wearily made my way into work where I made it a point to sit down with my agenda book and make a list. A big list. A To-do list. And although having a huge list may freak some out, for me it seemed to help to have it down on paper. Not that it makes it any easier. Not that I have any help. Not that more time will arise to conquer this list. And not that time will stand still in order for me to catch up. But somehow it helps to focus and not freak. And somehow fun non stressful not related to anything errands popped up on the list... like make cupcakes for myself. Well, I ended up getting muffins instead, but oh... I think the buzzer is going off. I feel a little better now.


Anonymous Rob said...

I freaking love lists. I make one every morning when I get to work first thing. I have never had a day when I did everthing on the list but oh well I guess that is why you get to come back the next day

10:40 PM  

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