Wednesday, May 24

La La La La.... I Can't Hear You!

It's the day before school starts and I'm feeling very overwhelmed. This is not a good way to start off a quarter. Everything is in disarray. And I was either to overwhelmed or physically uncapable of straightening any of it out. I'm trying to move my desks into my bedroom but I have to move my bookshelves which means I have to move my bed which means putting my bed up on blocks... all which I cannot do by myself. Despite spending 4 hours meddling with them today, neither printer is working. I took one of them apart completely (like the time Lani and I took apart the vacuum cleaner, but that ended with a trip to Best Buy). The other one is having software driver issues of some sort. I have no food in my house and have been starving all day. I still don't have a job and scheduling interviews is a hassle when you don't even feel like getting out of your bathrobe. I don't have the $1400 I'm suppose to give school tomorrow. The office is in shambles. I am stressed about getting it ready for renting by the 1st. I can't tolerate my sister's crap in the garage anymore (Notice was sent this morning). Maybe going to school is a bad idea. Although I don't think that's possible seeing that it was God's idea. But certaintly you know how it is when sometimes you just don't feel motivated to go along with God's plan. Ya, that's me today. I think I'm going to go crawl in bed and not deal while I still can.


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