Tuesday, April 25

Wild Girl

I had so much fun backpacking Big Sur with Gina. Thanks Gina for getting me back into this. It had been 10 years since my last backpacking trip. It was great to dust off all the old gear and get out there. Gina did a great job of setting it all up. And the food was so good (the one night we got to cook). I was rewarded in this trip with knowing that the work I have been doing was paying off. I have been running/hiking the Quicksilver hills at least once a week, sometimes up to 5 times a week. But I hadn't lost any weight. But it has made me stronger which was evident on this trip as it ended up I was more prepared for it than I thought. I was able to walk longer and harder and carry more than I thought I was able to. I ended up being physically very strong which was helpful given some of the trials we faced. The first trial was that the trail we hoped to take was closed and instead we had to take a trail that went 5 miles uphill while ascending 2000 ft. Then we ended up deciding to go all the way to Sikes on the first day even though we had started out late. This makes for 12 miles on day 1 and having to do about 2 hours by flashlight after sunset. The recent rains made the river at Sikes swell to the point of unsafe crossing, thus we couldn't get to the campsite and had to set up camp that night on the side of the trail. I had to scale the cliff rocks to get to the hot springs the next day. But I made good time to where we were setting up camp that night. The third day we were able to take the easier trail out but I had stepped on poor Cutie's foot (Gina's dog) and we had to bandage her paw for her to make the trek out. I owe her a doggie treat. Despite all trials our spirits were up the entire time. I even got my college application essay done. I don't think I've actually written about college yet. I'll do that later. Anyways I think the trip was 23.5 miles all together. And I didn't catch poisen oak even thought I was carelessly tromping through the stuff the whole time. I can't wait to get more backpacking in this summer. Just need to finish off this role of film and then I'll have pics for you.

Oh ya... and then I came home and packed again... this time for Chico. I had a good time. Zac's sisters are all wonderful. We got along great. It's amazing that Zac is truly the redest of them all. And it was great to meet his parents and some of his old friends. And it was fun to drive through his old neighborhood and have him tell me childhood stories. Very cute.

Oh, and I heard that while I was gone they announced me 2nd place winner (1st loser) in the breakfast competition. Congratulations to my arch rival Ben and his Dilla Masters.


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