Monday, April 17

Team Holy Crepe

team holy crepe
Andrea, Angela, Easter Bunny (Thomas), Me, and Zac sporting our halos (and wings) cooking them up. We took a break from our Easter morning breakfast competition where we were slaving over the griddle to pose for this pic. At one point the wait was backed up 17 orders. Ben and the Dilla Masters (a name I came up with for them) are my stiffest competition. But judges came back to me for seconds after the votes had been cast. It looks good. Winner announced next Sunday, but I will be out of town to Chico to meet Zac's family. All of them.

5:30 off of work and head to the bank
6:00 Gina's for last minute packing decisions
8:00 Spains to drop off recommendation letter for them to fill out
9:00 Zac over to make me dinner (delish babe!)
10:30 Pull out backpacking gear
10:30 Finish taxes, make photocopies
11:30 Drop off taxes to post office
midnight Hmm and Haw about what to bring and pack up my backpack for 3 days at Big Sur starting dang early tomorrow morning with Gina. Goal for the day... try not to complain or even mention the minimal amount of sleep I am giving myself.


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