Wednesday, March 29

Singing In The Rain

If you know me well, then you might know that I don't like getting messy or sticky. And so it's common sense that I also detest mud. I always avoid the trails unless we've had 3 days of straight sun so that I know the trails are dry. I hate the slippery muddy areas after the rain that makes me slide and stick with every step. But God has a way of helping you get over your neurosis. A few weeks ago I went to run one morning at Quicksilver. About half way through it starts to lightly rain. And I'm very annoyed at this, but what can I do? So I push myself harder and faster to wrap up the next 45 minutes and get out of there as fast as possible. Then last week it happens again. This time it's not just a sprinkle but real significant rain drops coupled with chilling wind. This morning I had planned to go run when I got off of work at 8am, but it was raining pretty hard. I contemplated going to the gym instead, but then I decided to screw it and just deal with the wetness and the ick mud. So I arrive and begin the trail in a mindset to finally overcome my issue with running in the rain when all of a sudden it stops raining. The sun comes out and it's warm. I have to tie my windbreaker around my waist and ditch the gloves. And I was kinda disappointed that I was robbed the experience of conquering my neurosis. It rained again later in the run, but not enough for me to even bother to put my windbreaker back on.

So I will most likely having both of my nanny gigs ending this summer. I have been contemplating other work ideas. I was considering going back to work for hidden villa for the summer. And I could find another nanny job or household manager job. Realistically, I can't do core convergence full time. And I can't continue to justify working part time so I can devote myself tothe non profit, because I don't use my free time on that anyways. So I think it's time to get a real job again in an office, with benefits, and a supervisor, and rules. My resume is completely out of date. Even the font needs freshening up. I'm a bit freaked about having to rewrite it. I've been working off the same resume format for many years. It was a winning resume that always landed me the job. Plus I have experience in HR and I know a good resume. But mine doesn't look so great anymore. It needs a major lift. So next time you see me ask me about it, because I need to get this squared away. Especially because I have my eye on a juicy little position that combines two of my most successful passions and positions. Pray for me.


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