Friday, March 3


Quotes I'm Digging
Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. - Will Rogers
Are we having an impact on our world? Or is our world having an impact on us? - Os Hillman
If you can't change your fate, at least you can change your outfit. - Dittie

Thankful For:
2/16- gina's birthday, getting cheese fondue successfully under my belt of things I can do in the kitchen (like La Fondue style), and finding an old movie that I actually enjoyed (Magnificently Modern Millie).
2/17- finally getting to Costco for new contacts, spending the morning with my oldest friend Ann (and still being someone that she feels she can come to when she needs advice), and Lani being a blessed teacher (and the opportunity to create art).
2/18- having a bribe to control kid behavior, getting them to clean their house and bedrooms, being able to go out for a fun movie for a change, getting off of work a bit early instead of the usual hour late.
2/19- a successful introduction of art worship to 4 year old Caitlin who then states that she is painting where Jesus died and that the red is his blood and now it's going into the sky, finding old friends on myspace, deep afternoon talks with Zac, and organizing my bedroom and office so that the lovezac can finally be in it's proper place.
Then I stopped keeping track by day so... that I found and got to spend the day with my old friend Christina and her beautiful daughter, that my sister and neice came into town and I got to kick it in a family type setting hanging out with her parents for dinner, that I got to have my neice overnight on the only night she was in town on this 24 hour trip, for a great morning hike through Quicksilver where God was certainly talking in most prophetic styles, Holly and Ryan (Cobalt Season) rockin' it at Red Rock, Andrea and Mike coming with me, Jon making worship short so he and Zac could join, exciting news about where Holly and Ryan's adventures will have them going, finding paint for the art wall at $2/gallon bargain price, normal friday night fun vamped up with painting the wall, impromptu after hours get together at my house to pursue liquor and the best of monty python (too bad I'm a lousy bartender), the beautiful sunny saturday afternoon spent laying in the grass in the park watching the children play, stepping into hot biker couple role as we gear up for a ride to Palo Alto for dinner at one of my favorites (Nola's), and Zac being able to get a reservation online when the restaurant told me they were full that night on the phone, partaking in a whole whirl of silliness that resided at Gina's bowling birthday party, running into Curtis, following up lunchtime with a good nap, rockin the swordfish for my love, overcoming my fears about our differences, being totally relaxed and enjoying working on the art wall because I've assumed no pressure or responsibility towards it, that I have an amazing boyfriend who saves my butt at 5am when my car breaks down because I've put too much oil in it and he comes and drains the oil in a cold morning side of the road mission, and again playing the hero when he surprises me by unexpectedly stopping by my house after work to help me with a tangle of fallen tree branches that were overwelming me (I'm really not use to being able to depend on a guy like that and having them rise to the occasion... heck I'm not use to being able to depend on anybody like that male or female), getting to have dinner with Andrea (and Zac), that my brother is back in town finally, finding out surprisingly that Mat Kearney is back in SF this month to open up for Train, and being able to get 4 tickets at face value through ticketmaster after bill graham presents said there were no tickets available.

Looking forward to:
the art wall debut this Sunday, my surprise secret date that I've planned for Zac this weekend, seeing my brother finally, seeing CCPY kids I haven't seen in over a month, home group just because I love it, the Cinequest film festival going on this week, having a weekend off of work finally.


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