Monday, March 6

Just yesterday I was talking to Zac about the wonder of how sometimes I've left the house in a hurry for work not realizing I was wearing my slippers and not my shoes. This morning I discovered something worse than being trapped without proper shoes. I was exhausted when my alarm went off at 5am. In my groggled state I grabbed some clothes for the day in my bag and set off for work in my pajamas where I went back to sleep upon my arrival. When I got up hours later with the kids I realized that missing from the clothes I packed was a bra. For some going bra-less would be no big deal, but that is not my situation. I'll be making a pit stop to my house as soon as possible.

Yesterday the art wall had its debut. It looked great. People were very receptive to the interactive side of it. I think people were spiritually inspired. At least I hope they were. It was a ton of work, but I'm very pleased with the results. Pictures here as soon as Rob flickrs them. Digital camera is still broken.

Last night I took Zac to go see the very last San Jose show of Cirque Du Soliel's Corteo. It was phenomenal. Absolutely wonderful. The acrobatic wonders have me wanting to spend the afternoon jumping on the bed doing flips and twists (except I'm stifled by my inflexibility and my no bra status). I love the quirkiness. I am feeling inspired to go to Vegas for a weekend just to catch more shows.


Anonymous Aimee said...

If you plan to go to Vegas, you let Jason and I know, and we can all go together. I need a vacation. :)

2:25 PM  

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