Monday, March 13

A Good and Rightful Enemy

I have an new enemy. I can't stand the tattletale who loves to humiliate me. My enemy can be found hanging around Zac's house and it's name is Stupid Smoke Detector. Now it knows that I have not at all set the house on fire, but still everytime I cook dinner over there it makes sure to loudly interject it's two cents... Beep Beep Beep Beep = translation: Your Girlfriend Can't Cook! To which I have to explain while jumping up and down waving a dish towel in the air that it's nothing. Dinner is not burnt. It's just the seasonings on the pan that burnt. I swear it's not always like this. This is not indicitive of my cooking over all. Cooking for Zac makes me nervous and I almost always mess something up. I feel such a pressure to convince him that I really can cook. Meals would be better off if I made them when he wasn't around and without his feedback on what he wants to eat. I'm use to just cooking what I like to cook and eat. I'm not use to taking requests. Maybe I set up a menu... here's what I cook.... choose items only off the menu... there will be no substitutions. I have a great vast menu of great gourmet foods, but carne asada is not on it. Nor are hash browns, or carrots, or stir fry. Even if these things are very easy. They are not on the menu. Ok, starting to sound like a complaining housewife so I'll stop now. Really my beef is with the smoke detector and not with my wonderful boyfriend who rarely burns anything when he cooks.


Blogger r.bean said...

carne asada????? hashbrowns are ok. you buy them frozen and can even toast them.

i had the same enemy until i TOTALLY WON!!! yay! no more window open, fan going, frantic towel swinging down the hall. nope. no more juice. we still have a carbon monoxide detector - but now i can cook in peace.
(I think mine is due to marinades and possibly previous spillage in the oven....or maybe it's the genes?)

3:54 PM  
Blogger Yellow said...

I don't see harm in secretly removing the battery from the smoke detector before you cook, as long as you re-insert it after the meal is done. Who wants a tattle-tale loudmouth in the background of a romantic dinner?'re a fantistic cook! I absolutely loved the dinner you cooked at my place!

9:09 PM  
Anonymous Lani said...

WHAT!!! you made dinner for Andrea and not for me? What the heck!!!

I want dinner to missy :)

Anyway, i Know the feeling. I can't cook hashbrown either. I can't even make jello with layers of whipcreamed. But I can make a three tiered souffle or a chocolate cake with milk oakleave and almond paste fruite. Salsa? forget it, but fresh pizza, i can do!!!

4:01 PM  

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