Saturday, March 11

Are You Kidding Me!?!

I just got the paperwork in the mail for my speeding ticket. I was surprised when it said I was not eligible for traffic school. I looked through my files and found the date of my last violation. I was only 9 days short of the 18 month period necessary between violations. Aarrgg!!! So that will be $365 and a permanent mark on my record. I'm sure my insurance company will love that one. Luckily my insurance already sent me out a quote for my next 6 months with them and it didn't reflect this ticket so I still get the good driver discount. I won't have this impacting my insurance at least for another 6 months. And by then another ticket hopefully will have timed out so that I still will qualify. Or maybe not. I'll just have to see. Anyways, at least I know traffic school is available for next time. *Sigh*


Blogger r.bean said...

this ticket just has a will of it's own. it's like some cells in a petri dish, multiplying by the hour. you should pay it asap before it splits again.

4:32 AM  

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