Tuesday, January 31

Taylor's First Blog - Family 101

Taylor likes the fact that I blog. She also wants to express some thoughts of her own. So I now turn the keyboard over to her...

Your family is better than a $100. Think about it and you will see your family is better than $100. Some people think $100 is cool but your family is better. Like some people have $100 and they think it's cool. But you know what? Your family is better than $100 because money is just money, but family loves you and gives you a shelter and buys you clothes and warm jackets for winter. And your family is better because your family never falls apart, and your toys almost always fall apart and money falls apart too when your dog chews on it or your cat. You should love your sisters and brothers even though some sisters and brothers are evil and violent, but they are your sisters and brothers and you should love them very much. And you should love your dogs and cats and other animals even if they chew up your favorite stuffed animal, like if you have a favorite stuffed animal that is a dog, you should still love it and not give it away because they are part of your family too. Leave me a comment please. But don't write me a comment until you think about it.
- Taylor Nigh, age 7 (yes, I'm a kid) (and a funny and smart kid too) (and have two evil violent brothers)


Blogger Yellow said...

I teach kids who are seven and I think you should come teach them how to write and how to think critically about things. You are one smart cookie! I'd give you an A for thoughtfulness, love, and choosing what you know in your heart is right even when that choice is not beautiful, fun, or easy.

7:02 PM  
Blogger r.bean said...

I'm still thinking Taylor...my cousin did chew up a favorite stuffed animal once, but I still love her....yet I have to ask what about $200 + a candy bar?

9:26 AM  

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