Sunday, January 29

Sweet Sixteen

1. Exploring the Story... A crew of 22 gather in the 10x10 living room of the Scandrette home to explore the story of Christ amidst the story of creation, the story of the world, our individual stories... We head out on the misty rainy morning to climb the slippery slopes of Bernal hill where more of the story was told through scripture and conversation. We gathered in the playground of a local park to hear even more. It was so powerful that I'm going to be recreating it for a homegroup retreat to Tahoe at the end of March.

2. The ways the Lord tried to talk to me in the way of saving me from myself... the reminder that I was about to go do His work and that I needed to stop dilly dallying, the reminder that I didn't have time to french braid my hair, the realization that I am leaving the house 15 minutes later than scheduled, as I speed up highway 85 there is the thought of how it gets a bit bumpy up a head and that I'm not that familiar with this stretch of highway and that at this speed it could be dangerous. I glance at the guardrail realizing the impact of a crash at this speed. My governer kicks in kicking me speed back down to 100. The story plot from my soap opera of the young reckless girl who unknowingly hit and killed her own brother pops into my mind. The Lord is trying many different to tell me to slow down. And yet I do not let up. So he sends his last warning which is successful. Siren. Lights. CHP. Out of nowhere. No use in denying. I pull over accept my consequence greatful that God got through to me to spare me from whatever could have been next. 96mph is the crime rate. I'm saving up knowing this is going to cost me. But at least it didn't cost me my life. Thank God.

3. Checkstop at Highway... I proceed down the highway to Palo Alto for a visit to the Highway Community, owners of Red Rock Coffee in Mountain View... a center of similiar vision to my own. The sermon checks me on my personal road of service. The pastor talked about the metamorphosis of Peter. He had the ordinary and common name of Simon before Jesus renamed him Peter (the Rock) which was completely an unlikely nickname given his personality. But it was Jesus' promise to mold him and transform him to fill this name that he was given. It was Simon Peter who had the life shaping experience of walking on water with Jesus. He was the only one of the disciples who took courage, trusted his Master, and followed Christ out into the waters. Now fear overcame him and he took his eyes off Jesus at which he began to sink. The point is that LEADERS GET OUT OF THE BOAT. It's okay to be courageous and step out no matter what the outcome is to be. Mistakes will be made and they must not scare you off from making an attempt. Being a leader is a process. Phobias are conquered by facing fears. The other thing to remember was that Jesus IMMEDIATELY caught him. He was right there beside him not letting him sink. And when I step out of the boat as a leader, Jesus will be there to catch me when I am scared and falling. This is his promise to me in which I can trust knowing that I serve a most faithful God. Amen.

4. Cobalt Season... a while back at a Sabbath retreat in the beginning of the month, I met a bunch of cool new people who I have been meaning to link to. Among these are Ryan and Holly Sharp who make up Cobalt Season and are traveling around the world touring and sharing their blessing. I gathered a group to go to a house concert of theirs up in the Oakland hills at Lora and Craig's house. The music was amazing and resignates in my mind daily as I haven't been listening to much else but their cd. And even more amazing was their story. I loved hearing how the Lord has inspired them. If you find the opportunity to see them live, definately check them out. They will be performing at Red Rock Coffee on February 23rd.

5. San Francisco, Lifehouse, Mozella, Filmore, Zac... I'm in love with it all. Caitlin (age 4) today on me kissing Zac... "Ew. Do you love him?" "Yes, I do." "Ew, that's gross." She was thoroughly disgusted.


Blogger Kelly said...

*sigh of relief* oh thank goodness, maybe boys and kissing really does disgust her. I was beginning to think we have a problem on our hands. She loves to play marriage and house with the little boy next door!! I'm so not ready for the sex talk....or the pre pre pre pre pre sex talk, she asked me today when her boobies would pop out like mine. I said when shes older, and then she says "so my babies can suck out milk??" I just nodded and smiled.......all I can say is .... Pray for me :)

5:21 PM  
Blogger Ryan Lee Sharp said...

Yo. Thanks for coming out and encouraging others to do the same...really. It's been a great time in the Bay this week. Hope to catch you guys when we swing through agian next time.


10:58 AM  

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