Monday, December 5

Mom Sick As Death

So after 4 days of complete and utter misery, my mother submits herself to going to the doctor. She's really bad so I take her to the emergency room. I'm prepared for a very long wait, but am surprised for the God send of them taking her right away. Her initial blood pressure was extremely low so the take her in and give her a bed right away, but then her blood pressure reads just fine. I think it was the coat she was wearing. Then they kind of narrow it down to just the typical flu symptoms and I'm a bit worried they are going to bypass the seriousness of it. But then there is the fluid in her lungs and the chest xrays that show that she has really bad double neumonia. They admitted her and are keeping her for a few days. I just got home. I have to get a little rest before work. Pray for my mom to be able to rest and heal quickly.


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