Friday, December 16

I WIN!!!

Polls closed! Final Score... Me 1022 - Zut Alors 984. Yeah!!! Celebrate! Do a little dance! I would like to thank all of you who supported me by faithfully voting for me. It really meant alot and I wouldn't have been able to do it without you. Thank you especially to those who forwarded on my plight to their own distribution lists. Thank you! Thank you! And I have to give special mentions to a few individuals... first... Rob Spain! Thank you! Rob figured out how to delete cookies so I could vote countless times in a day. Secondly... Raylene, my dear sibling cousin who used all her pull and the pull of her friends to do everything she could to make sure my numbers stayed ahead even if it meant blowing off work. Thank you!! We are completely even for the time I came and re-org'd your closet! Thirdly, I have a huge Thank You to Brian Hatt, a complete stranger to me who went the extra mile to help this deserving girl get her Christmas Wish. It's like a hallmark story. Brian is the boyfriend of my cousin's high school best friend and this is how he got sucked in. And this IT whiz got around the block out and voted for me 150 times when I was in a very dire situation... actually that story is worth going into.

Sunday I had been so busy with the church festival that I had gotten 50 points behind. I didn't worry about it though because I figured I would just go home when it was all over and pull an all nighter bidding war to get ahead by the 8am closing the next morning. Well, I come home and after just a few votes, I get locked out of the system... blocked from the Neighborhoodie site all together. I break into a frantic sweat. I pull out the other computer, I reboot, I restart the modem, I attempt to change ip addresses... nothing is working. It is 1:30am and I have just 6.5 hours until I am expecting polls to close. I think there is no place I can go. I pray to God and then it comes to me. Go to Him... Church! I have the key to get into the church. So I go down there with my laptop and get onto their wireless. I vote maybe 5 times and then... bang... shut out again. I am at this point 40 points behind. I realize my shot of finding enough people to pull me ahead in the early morning hours are low. I send out an email for help to a few early risers and east coasters and fall asleep at the church sad in the realization that I am going to lose. I get back to my house with just 40 minutes before closing, and find a friend in Afganistan on AIM. I ask if he can go check my score for me seeing as I am blocked out. He comes back to tell me I'm winning! (Well, first he told me I was loosing just to joke with me but then he fessed up to the real score). I was some how 90 points ahead! I was astonished and completely baffled. It was a miracle that I could not figure out. That afternoon my cousin filled me in on an angel named Brian Hatt who was rooting in my corner. Thank you Brian!

And now that this is over I can finally just relax and enjoy victory. One more big thank you to everybody who helped! I love you all! Hey let's celebrate! Maybe Goosetown tonight?


Blogger Suzanna said...

Congratulations on your win!!
Merry 12 days of Christmas!,
Your old drinking buddy, Suzanna

1:10 PM  

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