Tuesday, December 27

I hate to admit it because Ray says she's going to start keeping track... but I was shopping tonight and I got a really cute shirt and then there was another shirt that I really liked but it had a phrase sprawled across it in french [L'amour est tout ce que vous avez besoin.] and nobody in the store could translate. I can't buy a shirt that I don't know what it says. Perhaps it says something bad. But now that I've come home and thrown it into a online translator, I get... The love is all that you have need... roughly. So the shirt is worthy of purchase, but I'll wait until a paycheck to go back and get it. Or maybe I should just get a neighborhoodie.

So today I was thinking about personal habits and I came to the conclusion that there are two kinds of people in the world... those who live by schedule and those who live by impulse. Those who live by schedule have a time alloted for everything... they wake, shower, eat, defecate, exercise all at a particular time of their day. Always a shower in the morning or right before bed. Always eating dinner at 6pm. Waking up at 7am even on a Sunday. The ABC and XYZ of life in order. Then there are the others who live by impulse. I am almost 100% in this group. Those who eat when they are hungry. Sleep when they are tired. Wake when they are rested. Shower when they feel dirty. So how do impulse people live under schedule and how do schedule people live in impulse. And what are you and how do you know? I am passionate about scheduling but absolutely do not live by the schedules I create. On the other hand, Carrie is extremely schedule oriented in every way but leaves her schedule open to flexuation pending her impulses... well to some degree. Feel me in all about you. I'd love to know.


Blogger r.bean said...

I'd translate that as "All you need is love"
but maybe that commercially translates to "all you need is this t-shirt"
"Ce T-shirt est tout ce que vous avez besoin"

donc, erh, it's funny to find this post after a night of dreaming up a new lifestyle schedule for myself. The image of breaking the day into describable chunks kept me awake with anticipation- you already know I'm an incorrigible impulsee living w/ a professional life in order guy- but I'm yearning to get more out of each day and all my impulses seem to be piling up against the door such that i cannot open it to let them out unless they are arranged in a single file line.


( also, i think your archives will already reveal the nature of your shopping habits, so feel free to confess away- not talking about it doesn't mean it isn't happening. oh! )

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