Monday, December 12

Does Everybody Have Their Fingers Crossed?

I'm completely blocked out from neighborhoodies. I can't see at all whether I am winning or not. It's maddening to not know whether I should be stressed or not, whether I should be making phone calls or not, whether I should be at a computer lab someplace voting for myself. Please God, secure me victory even though I realize how trivial it really all is in the scheme of things. I'm also praying that they close the polls promptly. I've sent an email to them to see if that can happen. On edge until then. But I hear that somehow with no thanks to me being blocked out, I have gained enough point to pull from 50 behind last night to 90 ahead this morning. So I hear. Like I said... I'm blocked out and can't monitor my progress.


Blogger JoAlyce said...

Im crossing my fingers right now Liz!

11:02 PM  

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