Wednesday, November 2

What Am I? A Closet.

Ok. Only Carrie will get the title. So I went to Target to get office supplies and a blender, but I also had to exchange a skirt... a skirt that was too big... a skirt that I bought because it was on clearance and I really liked the design and length, but it is actually maternity. So I just bought one 4 sizes to small and figured that would be the maternity equivolent. But it ends up that 6 sizes smaller is the right size. So anyways, I some how end up in the clothing section where I kind of go clearance crazy and never make it to the kitchenware or stationary departments. I sit here now wearing as many new clothes as possible. The new skirt over the new pants with the new shirt and the new jacket on top. None of it matching. I guess I have to go back tomorrow for a blender. Hmmm. That didn't really work out so well. At least I walked out spending less than a hundred.


Blogger r.bean said...

12 hours shopping-as-therapy session. also, you've got a house.

5:22 AM  

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