Monday, November 21


I do not get along with one of my sisters at all, although she pretends to everybody else that we are close, when in truth we do not talk hardly ever. I don't pretend. She is a much nicer person to absolutely everybody else in the world. She treats people like they were family, but her family... not so well. To me she is the most inconsiderate and rude person I know. My home group wanted to do some volunteer work with kids and christmas this year. My sister has headed up a small private toy drive called Toys For Kids through Victim Witness for over 10 years. So I offer for my group to help her out. So she asks me to accompany her to go to lunch with the lady at Victim Witness who is collecting the families we will be providing for. That went fine although I was sickened watching her tear up with love over the lady's 14 year old daughter that my sister is so fond of... someone she hardly sees or knows. We accompany the lady to her office so that my sister can hand out some wrapping paper stuff that some of the officemates had purchased from my nephew. But seriously that only takes 20 minutes. My sister is chatting it up with everyone and when she goes to drop off the last thing she doesn't come back for at least an hour and a half. I am trapped without my car or phone. I don't know where she has gone and I am just sitting in this lady's office the whole time. She's done this once before so I'm grateful that right before I left my house I grabbed my Sudoku book which helped to occupy me. But after a while it is just ridiculous as I think of all the things I needed to get done today. With that I write a note telling her I left and hop the lightrail back to my mom's house where my car is. It was so rude and inconsiderate to leave me waiting for her for an hour and a half. She has always been mean and disregarding and judgemental and manipulative (towards me). She doesn't know me or want to know me or even know I exist. She has never been nice to me or at least not since I was a child and I don't know why. It is always hard for people to believe this about her because she is always so super nice to them when they meet her. But ask Carrie. She can vouch. And this is why we are not close.
deb and me at the races
She's faking it here. I'm 13 and already we are estranged.


Blogger r.bean said...

i can vouch too.
luckily you don't get in those situations much anymore.
also...i thought this was the superficial outlook on life? the veneer is pulling away, which to me is healthy, but will definitely trouble others who don't want their seams tugged at

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